11 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Acoustic guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world today. They are easy to learn and produce a lovely sound. Versions of them have been around for centuries, and today there are a plethora of different models to choose from.

For first time buyers, it can be difficult to know which one would fit your playing style. Luckily, you don’t need to look any further.

Below is a list of some of the most popular guitars for beginners and a few pros and cons that could help you make the right choice!

Taylor Academy 12E


The Taylor Academy 12e has both a high-quality feel and balanced sound. It can reach high and low notes without letting its clear sound deteriorate.

It has a sleek design that was made possible by having most of its nonessential parts removed. Its body is made from a solid piece of Sitka spruce while its back and sides are made of Sapele.

People from all skill levels can find enjoyment playing the Taylor Academy 12e. It is a good starter instrument and will stick with a learner as they become more advanced.

Players also have an easier time switching to electric models.

The Taylor Academy 12e’s dimensions make it comfortable to hold and play.


Compared to the other items on this list, the Taylor Academy 12e is fairly expensive. Its price starts at over $500 with most places selling them for around $650.


The Taylor Academy 12e is a great choice for most players. Its sound quality is top-notch and it is comfortable to play. However, its steep price may scare away beginners. You should be ready for the commitment this option requires before purchasing.


A popular design with rich sound, this model will stay in tune for much longer than other options. The Cherry wood also gives the Seagull S a sturdy build.

The Seagull S can be used by a wide skill range of players due to its size and quality. It is a good standard to look back to when making comparisons.


Playing with a pick has a higher chance of scraping or denting the softer Cedar found along the top of this instrument.

The Seagull S has a wide neck which could be difficult for new players to learn.

Its price of $400 is still a little high for those who are just starting out.


Even though the Seagull S has a wide neck, scratch-prone top, and higher than average price, it is a good starting place for players who want an amazing instrument that will last them a long time. It might not be the best for children.


The Yamaha FG830 has a solid Spruce top that gives this instrument a unique sound.

Compared to other options it has decent control over both low and high notes and an excellent level of sustainable power. This can be attributed to its precise tuners and dreadnought body.

Its lower price of $250-$300 makes it a good options for those just starting out or those who would like a spare instrument to practice on.

There are both right-handed and left-handed versions making this a choice everyone can use.


The Yamaha FG830 is a big instrument. It might be a little bit too much for some players especially children.

Its bridge is not made out of the strongest material and is likely to break if not properly handled. Extended play sessions are more likely to wear down this component.


Even though the Yamaha FG830 has some flaws, it also has an amazing sound for its price. Players who are picking up this instrument for the first time or those looking for something to supplement their main playing instrument would enjoy this option.


The Fender CC-60SCE is able to project quite well, and it has a full-bodied tone. This makes it great for solo performances.

It has a strong mahogany body and multiple finishes that make this instrument not only beautiful but also durable. It will be able to stand against the tests of time.

The Fender CC-60SCE comes with a lot of additional features without the extra cost.

This option is easy to tune and it will hold its tune for some time before adjustments need to be made.


While the body of the Fender CC-60SCE is sturdy, its strap and strap pegs are poorly made and often fall apart.

It does not have the best range compared to other options.


The Fender CC-60SCE is something that both those just starting out and intermediate players can pick up an enjoy. Its mid-range cost and average range make it a decent choice for all players. However, those looking for higher notes should look elsewhere. The Fender CC-60SCE’s strap and strap pegs are weak, but that is less of a problem for players who remain seated.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat


The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat has a balanced tone and decent range that can fit into most playing styles.

It has mahogany top and a modern style that make it both very pleasing to look at and comfortable to hold.

This instrument has many features which can be customized to give players an individualized experience.


Players have complained of quality control issues regarding the build of some Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcats. This can limit its range and general sound quality.


The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat is an average build that is easy to hold and enjoyable to play. It has an average price of approximately $300. Those looking at this option should be warned that there is a chance that there will be some quality issues. To safeguard against this, make sure to thoroughly inspect the instrument before buying and take good care of it before and after play sessions.


The Yamaha APX 600 is under $250. This makes it a good deal for new players.

This instrument also has a lightweight body which is easy to carry and maneuver. It is a great travel guitar and it won’t become burdensome to play for hours at a time.

The Yamaha APX 600 is great for players who enjoy to strum or finger-pick.


While it is enjoyable to play, this option does not project very well and is said to have a hollow sound. It is best to play it in smaller venues.

The Yamaha APX 600 does not have locking tuners and is prone to becoming untuned.


The Yamaha APX 600 is enjoyable to play and practice on, but it is not the best in a performance setting. Be prepared to tune this instrument frequently. Otherwise, it is comfortable and well crafted without being expensive.


The Blueridge BD-16 is a well-crafted instrument that has classic acoustic colors. It is a show-stopper with its laminated finish that will capture the light during any performance.

It has a full body that will give off an amazing sound quality and rich tones when played.

This option has perfect intonation, it is easy to tune, and it will remain tuned for long stretches of time.

For all these features it is fairly low priced at $250.


The wood choice, large body, and addition of lamination make the Blueridge BD-16 heavier than most options.

The laminate also causes this instrument to be a little slippery and a fingerprint magnet.


The Blueridge BD-16 is an amazing option for newbies. Its price is low and its range is wide. It might take some time to get used to its weight, but afterward, it is a highly rated choice.

Alvarez Artist Series AD30


The Alvarez Artist Series AD30 is another reasonably priced guitar. It is around $260.

This option has a top made of Sitka spruce while its sides and back are made of mahogany. This allows it to really project, making it great for performing in larger areas.

It has a scalloped bracing system that offers more responsive playing compared to traditional “X” bracing systems.

The Alvarez Artist Series AD30 has a dovetail neck joint to keep its neck straight.


It comes with steel strings that cause a lot of tension along the neck. This can cause the instrument to become out of tune.


The Alvarez Artist Series AD30 is a beautiful instrument that can easily fill a room with sound. It is solidly built and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. This option does require a bit of maintenance, so players looking to buy this model should learn how to maintain it beforehand. If not, be prepared to pay a little more for an expert to help you out.


The Epiphone DR-100 has die-cast tuners and a uniquely bent headstock that allows for this model to remain tuned for longer periods of time.

This option is lightweight and not too large. This makes it enjoyable to play for long hours with it becoming strenuous.

Even though it only costs less than $150, this instrument has a wide range of notes it can reach, and it harmonizes nicely.


The lower cost of the Epiphone DR-100 translates to this instrument not lasting as long as sturdier models.

If it is not tuned properly from the start it can sound flat.


While the Epiphone DR-100 might not be able to last a player’s whole life, it is low priced and has a wide range. It is also easy to hold and transport. This makes it a good choice for those who want to test out this genre of instrument before making a big commitment. It is also great for smaller players.


The Rogue RA 090 is under $60 and comes with everything a player would need to get started without costing an arm and a leg.

The look and feel of this option can be compared to other, higher priced models. However, it does not feel as if you are skimping out.

A jack of all trades, the Rogue RA 090 can be used for a variety of playing styles without limiting anyone too much.


The hardware for the Rogue RA 090 is where the most cost-cutting occurs. While it is not common for them to break suddenly, they do wear down quicker than more expensive models.


The sound of this instrument is fairly average in general, but for under $60 it is a good option. It has a decent sound, but not something extraordinary. There are some parts of the Rogue RA 090 that are more cheaply made, but as long as the player careful it should last for some time.

Fender FA 100 Dreadnought


The Fender FA 100 Dreadnought is a full-sized model. However, it is not extremely heavy.

It is only $160 which makes it a good deal.

This instrument offers a classic sound that matches its wood choice and color.


It is common for its tuning pegs to become loose and create a buzzing sound while playing. It requires regular maintenance to have it keep producing an excellent sound.

Some Fender FA 100 Dreadnoughts have had visible glue spots along their necks and near their headboards.


The Fender FA 100 Dreadnought is a good combination of affordability and quality. It is a great instrument for those who need something to practice on or those who are transitioning from a smaller model to an expensive, full-sized one. It should be tuned before each playing session.

Which guitar would be best for me?

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of acoustic guitar options for beginners to choose from. Each has its own pros an cons that should be considered before a purchase is made.

For example, those who would like to test out the waters before diving in might choose the Rogue RA 090 or Epiphone DR-100 because they have lower costs. Others might pick up the Alvarez Artist Series AD30 or Blueridge BD-16 if they want the best sound quality for the lowest price.

However, if the price is not a problem, the Taylor Academy 12e will last you many years without a problem and is one of the best models out there. Before you do anything else, research what you think sounds interesting.

Afterwards, try and find a music shop that will allow you to test a few models out. Only then can you be sure you are making the best choice.

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