11 Car Speakers That Will Blow Your Doors Off

I know how grueling our commute to work can be. What’s worse is it must be done every single day…twice. With annoying traffic jams, erring drivers that make our blood pressure boil, and hiking prices of gas, riding our vehicle to get to work can be a torture.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way, if we equip our automobiles with the best car speakers, then this commute will feel a lot better because we can keep ourselves entertained, happy, and calm with our music.

In my profession, I know that these humble looking gadgets matter a lot towards enjoyment because if you can’t understand what you’re hearing, it ruins the whole experience.

best car speakers

To help you improve your listening experience, I have done research to see which companies make good quality car speakers, capable of producing clear sound. On top of that, these products aren’t out of this world in terms of pricing, and they can easily be bought in a retail store or online.

Here are the top 11 best ones available in the market today. Each pair may have a little bit of difference in terms of features, but they all produce an awesome sound and a terrific audible experience:

Kicker DS65 6.5”

These are great with 6 ½” woofer and ½” tweeter with heavy duty motor structure that guarantees improved performance. It possesses and extended voice coil known as an EVC, which is part of woofer technology.

This technology gives good results with an ultra-clean, clear, and deeper sound that makes it a pleasure to listen to. On top of that, I love this paired device with ribbed UV-treated covering because it offers precise linear excursions and optimal sound quality.

The exterior shell is solid and not flimsy at all. There is also outstanding sound definition care of the oversized voice coils in the titanium-dome tweeters, so listening to vocal is a heavenly experience.


  • Offers a world of difference with the high quality sound.
  • Awesome music experience at an affordable price.


  • Some users say that the device is not well made and did not last long.
  • One noted that only one part of the speaker is working.

Infinity Reference 6032IX

This is a handy primus series coaxial device from Infinity, which I believe is a good brand that has been there with us for ages. This 6”x9” product has 180 watts each, which offer good power consumption.

It comes with a polypropylene type of woofer cone that ensure a hi-roll rubber surround for the best sound quality as it increases bass output and improves sound efficiency.

My favorite feature of this device is the adjustable center tweeter. This can be pointed in any direction for the pleasure of the listener, providing better sound quality because you can capture more sound when you’re in control of where it is pointing to.


  • It comes with 3-ohm impedance that provides extra power.
  • This is a monster speaker that gives you the bang for your buck.


  • The speakers did not include any wire or connectors making installation a headache.
  • Company customer service leaves much to be desired.

Alpine SPS-610

This 6 ½” Type S-series component system comes with a one inch wide range silk dome type of tweeter which has the capability of bringing out the most awesome vocals.

I really enjoyed listening to ballads on this one. This is a good upgrade to the standard audio system your vehicle comes with. It comes with a swivel mounted tweeter, with the option of upgrading to speaker grilles for a better look and sound quality.


  • These have no damping mats and no fancy processors but just overall good sound quality.
  • They have the capacity to get ear-piercingly loud, with super clear and crisp sound.


  • They fall low on the bass quality and need an additional subwoofer to make it good.
  • The tweeters come with a slight hiss even at very low volume.

JBL is one of the more reputable companies. This particular device comes at six and half inches, capable of dishing out 180 watts of peak power. It has a 80-90 running power, making it optimal for vehicle use. It comes with a “Plus One” woofer cone that is surrounded by rubber material. This enables listeners to experience better and more responsive bass levels.

This comes with voice coils that have low impendence, which make get more power from the amp ensuring better performance.  I personally love that it comes with an adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter and different levels of control.


  • It comes with mounting brackets for easy installation.
  • This pair is capable of giving crispier high notes.


  • Although quality is assured, the price of the product is very expensive.
  • This does not come with any wiring or connector.

Jaras JJ-2646

This product delivers good quality and it is also well-priced. These three way device fits in the same category of the aforementioned models. It comes with unique cobalt blue color that really catches the eye.

These are six and half inches round, with a max power rating of around 360 watts, making it totally capable of bringing out the best in mid and high notes. I really enjoyed listening to it because mid range audio is clear courtesy of the one inch neodymium film it possesses. On top of that, high notes and vocal are clear because of Piezo tweeter.


  • You can’t go wrong with the price.
  • It comes with all the necessary wires and screws.


  • Double check to make sure it can fit in your vehicle.
  • The unique color may dissuade others from buying it.

Pioneer TS-A1675R

Who does not know the Pioneer brand? This is one of the leading audio companies around the world from head units, subwoofers, home audio systems, and the like. Pioneer is synonymous to good quality.

This particular set comes with six and a half inches all around, MAX power of 300 watts, and RMS power speaker of 50 watts, making it super loud and super clear. If you want to enjoy chilling in your wheels, then consider this go-to audio system for your automobile.


  • Sound sensitivity is amazing making overall listening an awesome experience.
  • One of the most reviewed products on line with stellar star rating.


  • Though not a deal breaker, it is important to note that vocals could be a lot better.
  • There is no balance at all with a blaring harsh mid-range.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Rockford Fosgate is a global audio brand that is highly revered and coveted in the industry. I have been in this career for many years and I can really vouch that this company makes quality audio systems for automotive, marine, home, entertainment, etc.

This three way device is that factory upgrade you’ve been looking for because this is a full range product that delivers terrific sound quality. I noticed that each speaker comes with great attention to detail. This one comes with a vacuum polypropylene cone surrounded by rubber.

On top of that, it has a stamped steel basket type outer shell for durability. It has a silked dome tweeter for midrange sound and an integrate tweeter for crossover.


  • Very affordable price and good value proposition, with many satisfied client reviews.
  • All parts of this device are well built and it comes with a generous length of cables.


  • These gadgets do not work on all the doors upon installation.
  • The wattage and power handling indicated do not match the actual output.

JVC CS Series J620

JVC is a pretty good Japanese brand so I believe in its workmanship and quality. The Japanese precision engineering is something that we can all always count on. Though this humble device won’t rattle your vehicle’s windows and doors, it is still a nice upgrade compared to the factory stock because it is much clearer and power is there.

This is not surprising at all because each speaker is rated at 300 watts MAX and 30 watts RMS. This comes in the standard 6.5 inches round, which can fit in any automobile without any problems.


  • Great for the budget conscious because the price is amazingly cheap.
  • This comes with a polyetherimide dome tweeter, which has the capacity to bring out clear high notes.


  • This needs an amp for better and louder sound.
  • The wattage seems to be an over estimation because it is not as loud, strong, nor powerful as it is marketed.

Kenwood KFC-6965S

This device boasts of power handling peaks at 400 watts per pair and 45 watts RMS per pair, which is one of the most powerful to date. Kewnood is a brand that is known for their head units, but now, they provide products for your vehicles, too.

On top of that it comes with a polypropylene woofer cone,  a half inch ceramic super tweeter, and two inches polyehterimide cone tweeter that delivers good vocals and superior sound quality.


  • This includes a two inch center tweeter that provides a highly defined sound.
  • Backseat listeners will also be able to enjoy the clear and crisp sound because this device packs an awesome punch.


  • This come in a particular and specific size so fit is very limited.
  • The instructions for installation were a bit difficult to understand, so it took a bit of time to get this audio system set-up and running in the vehicle.

Boss Audio NX 654 Onyx 6.5

Boss has always been known as a reliable and reputable company that produces pocket-friendly car audio equipment. They are also known for their head units, cabling devices, and subwoofers among many other products.

With this particular model, all of us are getting a four way 400 watt device that offers exceptional sounds quality. This super affordable Boss is a boss at almost twenty five dollars for both pairs. It even comes with an amazing 200 watt RMS rating. That can’t be beat! The frequency response range is also impressive at around 65 to 20 Kilohertz.

It has a good sound sensitivity with a rating of 90 decibels. There are two pairs of one and a quarter inches built in tweeters that deliver high vocals. I really enjoyed listening to many ballads and country songs on this model.


  • These are very high in quality with a very low price, and it is impressive that excellence was not sacrificed at all.
  • These are very easy to install, so set-up won’t make you break into a sweat.


  • These gadgets do not offer a lot of deep nuance sounds.
  • The volume needs to be turned up high to get good sound; and an amp might be even necessary to amplify it even more.

Morel Supremo 602

This is Morel Supremo is the Ferrari of automotive audio components. This comes with a steep price tag but guarantees unparalleled listening experience. This is the supreme model as its name says, and any audio connoisseur will surely fall in love with this.

The Morel Supermo 602 is the brands flagship speaker, which has been given the CEA Innovation Award. This creates a dynamic, clear, precise, crisp, and linear sound with a vast frequency range. The crossovers have been finely crafted and perfectly engineered to address the challenging acoustics of any automobile.


  • This model gives very realistic three dimensional sound quality.
  • Think of all the superlatives, positives in the book and this one possesses them all.


  • This is super expensive and will bleed your pocket dry.
  • Because of the high price tag, there are not many product reviews.

With many vehicle audio systems available in the market, I can understand why it would be hard for any person to make a decision. After all, our vehicles are our haven, where we spend hours in. Having the right acoustic system that fits our needs require careful consideration and research.

Enjoying our daily drive and ride rests on a good quality sound system because none of us want to listen to junk. The only way we can truly appreciate our music is if we hear them  loud, crisp, and clear.  

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