11 Free DJ Software Programs You Should Know About

11 free dj software programs

In todays world, the music industry is starting to lean more and more towards EDM music and the world of DJs in general. That being said, its important to know what mixing software is out there and where you should start. Throughout this article we are going to guide you through 11 Free DJ Software Programs You Should Know About.

These days, becoming a DJ and getting great, free software to use is easier than its ever been. With all the options that are out there, we have compiled 11 of the best free DJ software options available online.

Lets get started.

1. Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ is one of the most popular and reputable DJ software programs out there today. What tends to attract DJs to Serato is the simple layout that Serato provides, making it quicker to access your tracks and settings.

While Serato offers a pro version (Serato DJ Pro) we have found that the Intro version has absolutely all the features you need to start getting acquainted with Serato’s simple layout.

In the Intro version, you can still load up to 4 tracks to mix at once so if you’re that skilled you can absolutely do that with the Intro version.

A couple other features worth noting about this program is the fact that you can cue up to 4 samples at the same time, even while you’re mixing some tunes. You can also organize your own track groups by genre, tempo, keyword and more which helps for quick and easy access to the track you’re looking for. 

Check out the video below to get an even better idea of the differences between the Intro and Pro versions.

2. Serato DJ Lite

11 best dj programs

Serato DJ has maintained its reputation for being one of the biggest DJ softwares since the early 2000’s and remains the same today. 

One of the major reasons Serato DJ has maintained this reputation so well is overall reliability. As you can imagine, reliability is an attractive factor to any DJ, but Serato DJ is most helpful to pro club DJs who want to know their software won’t glitch on them mid-show. 

The major difference between the Intro and Lite version of Serato DJ is the fact that the Lite version can be used with absolutely no hardware connected! No controller or anything. 

Serato DJ Lite has a refreshed interface and support for high resolution screens making it look even cleaner while you’re mixing.

3. Mixx

Mixx is a free software option for all DJs, however if you’re on a tight budget this may be the way to go. The software features twin decks as well as other handy options such as iTunes integration, loops, hot cues, and four sample decks to choose from. 

Along with integration to over 80 controllers and different vinyl systems, Mixx also offers an Auto DJ option for when you want to kick back. 

Within the last year Mixx has been updated and offers a smoother interface, along with some new effects and other improvements. 

If you’re strapped for cash and need a simple DJ software option, I would recommend giving Mixx a try. Since its a free option, you have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain.

4. Traktor DJ

This DJ software has a free trial available before purchasing the Pro version. I chose to include this option because of all that’s capable with it! Traktor Pro is similar to Serato DJ Pro, but offers a different layout that depending on your preference, may be easier to navigate. 

There’s a lot of good things to say about Native Instruments Traktor Pro. You simply can’t ignore the amount of features this software offers.

With Traktors great sample and remix decks, loop recorder, and great effects, Traktor Pro supplies all you need in a great package. 

While the software is amazing in itself, something worth mentioning is its hardware support too. With Native Instruments array of supporting controllers, it makes the software super flexible. 

If you’re in need of a DJ controller as well, check out Best DJ Controllers 2019.

5. Mixvibes Cross DJ

11 free dj programs

Designed by one of the worlds top DJ software companies, Mixvibes Cross DJ is designed with beginners in mind and the layout is super simple.

Cross DJ has a total of 2 decks, beat detection, as well as plenty of effects to play with. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, Mixvibes has designed Cross DJ to be optimized for both systems so its not necessary to have one or the other.

Other features worth mentioning include beat match editing, recording, and master out limiter, all of which are helpful features even if you’re just getting started mixing. 

One thing to be sure of before downloading this option is making sure that you have a controller that’s compatible with this software. The majority of new controllers don’t support Cross DJ’s audio mappings.

6. Virtual DJ Home

11 best dj software programs

One program that’s been around for a while now is Virtual DJ Home. This option is typically payed for but its free version is also available. 

Virtual DJ Home unlike some other options out there has the ability for video mixing. If you have the free version the Virtual DJ logo can’t be removed so keep that in mind when considering your options.

Other than that, the video mixing option with this software is pretty well rounded. You’ll get a full-featured browser, easy library management, and the ability to record video and audio files to broadcast to other users. 

7. Zulu DJ

Zulu DJ is a great DJ software program for beginners who are simply looking for a stripped down mixing platform that supplies the necessities. This DJ software allows you to mix your music in real time while simultaneously adding effects. 

If you decide you need a little more from the software, you can easily use third-party VST plugins. You will easily be able to import different file formats like mp3 and wav files. 


A less well known DJ software on the market today is DJ PRODECKS. This particular program supports a range of audio file formats such as MP3 and WAV as well as AAC. 

A nice feature about this software is that you can use just about any DJ controller you’d like and it will integrate seamlessly. DJ PRODECKS is packed with a few effects like echo and flanger and also includes three sample slots per deck.

Other simple yet handy options this software includes are auto sync, auto loop, and auto beat detection. It also has its own music library and allows you to use your keyboard as a controller.

9. KraMixer

Similar to Zulu DJ, KraMixer is known for its basic layout and high-quality algorithms making for a seamless and simple mixing experience. This DJ software is also known for providing great audio performance due to its FMOD sound engine exclusive to KraMixer.

KraMixer includes automatic BPM which helps your tracks blend even better with the inbuilt sound effects. All in all, KraMixer is a decent DJ software program. Just be sure to read their license agreement  as the software itself includes 3 Malware programs so be sure to remove them after installing, if you choose to give KraMixer a try.

10. YOU.DJ

11 best dj software programs

If you’re looking for a less conventional DJ software program to try out, YOU.DJ is the way to go. At first it may look a little confusing to use but its actually fairly simple.

All you need to do is go to www.you.dj and you can start to mix some great tracks right away. Since you don’t have to download an actual piece of software, all the available music is given to you by YOU.DJ. If you’re looking for a particular track however, you can search for it on SoundCloud and YouTube through their search tool.

This DJ software option is great and easy to navigate while offering everything you need to mix some tracks. Even though you won’t have the software downloaded, if you have internet access you can mix anytime with YOU.DJ.

11. CuteDJ Pro

CuteDJ PRO is a fairly new addition to the growing list of DJ software programs and has a lot to offer. It allows you to play music from your own collection and control it via your DJ controller or the software itself. 

Whether you have a PC or a Mac, this software will work with both and offers a 30-day free trial. During those 30 days you’ll be able to mix music for 20 minute sessions. However you can play for 20 minutes, and simply restart it to play for another 20. Since its free, it won’t hurt anything to give this new DJ software option a shot. 

Its pretty traditional layout looks similar to other DJ software. The top half of your screen will be where you do all the controlling of your music whereas the bottom of your screen will be your plethora of tracks to mix.

CuteDJ also allows you to mix videos and karaoke files. Its supported audio file format list includes – MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and more. This DJ software option is also able to work with over 50 DJ controllers today and offers its own support for pro VST effects as well as filters. 

Our Choice

Serato DJ Lite

11 best dj programs

The overall best option for free DJ software on the market today hands down is Serato DJ lite. One of the prime reasons this option is our choice has to do with all the features you get in a Lite version, that typically you’d need to pay for.

Its layout is one that’s adopted by many DJs around the world. So if you have a friend or two that DJ as well, they can hop on your PC or Mac and seamlessly start mixing without skipping a beat.

How do I choose the best DJ software for me?

All of the DJ software programs we went over above are by far the most advanced options we have found available.

Every one of those options is available for an easy download and all of the options we chose are simple to get used to and easy to operate.

While there are a lot of similarities between these options, there are a few features you should consider having above others.

Some of which should be, the overall ease of navigating the software, the amount of effects included, and whether or not you need a controller to operate the software.

While most of this depends on your personal preference, its important to take a few more minutes looking at the options so you don’t download software you won’t like or can’t operate.

As a general rule of thumb, the software you choose should have easy to use and straightforward features that are easy to learn and put to use, whether you’re playing in the bedroom or on a stage.

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