12 Best DJ Lights And Effects Review

Not only does the DJ play the music, with the aid of lights and effects, but they also set the atmosphere as well. This is why having the best effects and lighting equipment is imperative to an amazing show. Welcome to “12 Best DJ Lights And Effects Review”.

Are you a newbie to the game and looking to enhance your shows? Or, are you a vet just wanting to add some more tools to your lighting arsenal? 

If so, then I’ve reviewed a bunch or lighting and effects equipment and compiled a short review of the best ones I found.


I love all of the different effects that American Dj H20 has to offer. The water effect isn’t quite what I was expecting as the effect is cracked glass and not reflection. However, it still adds a really cool look at my house parties.

The 50W LED light was bright enough for my living room yet it stayed pretty cool throughout the night so that was a major plus for me. We were able to rock out all night without any issues of over-heating or powering off.

There are a lot of colors available on this light which comes with two different sized lenses. Using the 52-degree lens gives a really cool effect especially when dimmed. The glass wheel is pretty easy to control using a DMX or UC3.



  • Low power consumption
  • Can operate with DMX or UC3 controller
  • Plenty of color selections
  • Can daisy chain 6 units
  • Doesn’t show very well when there are other light sources in the area

Chauvet Kinta FX Multi-Effect By Beam

First of all, let me just take a moment to appreciate the pricing of this light. But not only is it super affordable, but this is also one of the best I’ve tried so far. From the strobe to the beams I love the effects and brightness on this Kinta light met my expectations and then some.

This unit is more than bright enough to light up my living room and doesn’t lose it’s quality whenever other lights are on. Whenever I want to add additional units, I can just power link them instead of using a bunch of extension cords.

I think this is a great light not only for someone who’s starting out but a good light to add to your arsenal period. My lighting needs are limited to my living room right now, but the beams on this light could probably do well in a club or small venue.



  • Can be controlled via DMX
  • Added units can be daisy chained
  • Very affordable
  • I have none. This light is awesome

Chauvet Gigbar 2

The brightness on this lighting system was a pleasant surprise. It comes with LED pars, a couple of a laser effect, LED Derby which can alternate colors, and 4 strobe effects that can be controlled with a foot switch.

These respond to the music perfectly which doesn’t have to be ridiculously loud to trigger them. Even without the use of a DMX, this lighting system works great for beginners, giving your gigs a professional look at a super affordable price.

This bar is super lightweight, making transporting and setting up, and comes with a stand that isn’t the greatest but it will get the job done. It definitely is extremely quick and easy to take down and set up which is excellent for traveling.



  • Multiple lighting effects
  • Can be foot controlled
  • Comes with a stand and case
  • Can power link 8 units
  • I have none

Roxant Pulse LED Strobe Light

Strobe light and a party are almost like peanut butter and jelly. And when the strobe light is sound activated, that is the icing on the cake.

The sound activation feature on this Roxant Pulse Ultra is unbelievable. Just a clap of the hands was enough to trigger the light into action. And the brightness far exceeded my expectations. Even with other units on, the strobe light was very visible and intense, yet small enough to be moved.

Not only is the functionality up to par, but the construction is also made of a high-quality metal rather than plastic and seems to be well made. It is very easy to operate with just a turn of the knob and can go for hours without using a lot of power. I really enjoy this light and can’t wait to try it out for other types of functions.



  • Extremely bright light
  • Low power consumption
  • Sound activation mode works great
  • Does not have an off/on switch
  • The cord is not that long

Chauvet Swarm Wash FX

With the RGB+UV, Derby, strobes, and laser, the Swarm Wash Fx is as good as a complete setup as anyone on a budget can get. This light system is good on its own or you can add extra units for an even more intense light show.

I find that just this one system alone is enough to add some really cool effects for a small club and looks even better with a small touch of fog. Using Master/Slave mode can really have your shows looking super professional even if you are just a beginner.

I love how vibrant the red laser shows as well as how far they are able to throw light. My only issue is that the remote control doesn’t come with the unit and must be purchased separately. Other than that, I think this is a really great quality light system at an affordable price.



  • Very user-friendly set-up
  • Very vibrant and bright
  • Can link multiple units
  • Can be sound activated
  • Doesn’t come with remote control

DragonX LED Lighting Bar

With the built-in programs and effects, these are really good as far as the brightness and options go. However, with a DMX controller, they can be taken to an entirely different level. Spending the extra money is well worth it in order to get that customized look and special effects that aren’t available in the built-in programs.

The stand that comes with the DragonX lighting system is your basic stand that goes up to about 6 feet. While the stand could be a bit taller, it sets up really easy and breaks down quickly.

Aside from the sound activation feature, I think the black-out feature has to be my favorite. With just a press of my foot, I can activate black-out mode for a really cool effect. The features that are readily available on this system are fairly easy to use and look really professional.



  • Black-out feature
  • Comes with tripod stand
  • Sound activated
  • Foot controller
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to set-up
  • Instructions for DMX mode can be confusing


Plenty of colors, black light effect, strobes, beams, this LaluceNatz lighting system is so dope. That black light is one of the effects I love because it just changes the entire atmosphere into a total vibe. A must have if you like to throw glow parties or just want a really cool effect.

Although the strobe light isn’t as bright as I would have hoped, I find that the overall lighting on this system is very bright and covers a fair amount of area. One unit is good but two units would definitely have a much better effect.

Not only can they be controlled via remote, but the speed of the strobe can be changed which is awesome. This is a great light for my collection as it allows me to have diversity in my light shows as well as host other types of parties.



  • Strobe speed can be changed
  • Multiple colors and shapes
  • Blacklight effect
  • Cannot select the colors

Suny Professional LED Laser

Small in size and big in value when it comes to this Suny LED Laser. This is awesome for Karaoke nights as the sound activation is very sensitive and can even be triggered by a voice. And having 128 different patterns and images just sets the entire vibe for the night.

Although the light isn’t as bright as I would like, it still covers a good size area without the colors or effects dimming. Because it is so small, this could be a good light for someone who travels or something to use for a house party.

The fact that you can select which colors you want as well as control them via remote is a major plus for me. On the downside, it comes with the remote but you must buy the battery separately. Also, you cannot program this unit but it comes with some pretty cool features already.



  • 128 pattern combinations
  • Extra sensitive sound activation mode
  • Colors can be selected
  • No strobe mode
  • No DMX input/output

MFL 10w LED Moving Head Light

Being only 12 watts I found these MFL to be quite bright and when synched, they really get the job done. Pairing these with a DMX or Obey 40 controller opens up a whole new world of options. You can program scenes and really make the lights dance to the tune of your own beat.

Straight out of the box, these are still pretty good as the colors can be customized when using the gels which are included.

The sound activation mode is really sensitive even to voices and the movement is quite smooth and accurate.



  • Affordably priced
  • Very fast and smooth
  • Sensitive sound activation mode
  • limited to four color options
  • DMX required for some settings and is not included
  • The spotlight is a squared shape

Chauvet Slimpar 64

I was pleasantly surprised to find that these were brighter than the previous version and actually covers a good amount of area. I appreciate how the color patterns show up in such a way that is aesthetically pleasing rather than just super random.

The colors, even if not being controlled via a DMX, can be mixed for a customized effect, or you can choose from one of the many pre-set options as there are quite a few. The colors are very pigmented and even worked well for an outdoor event.

I find these to be quite a bang for the buck as you get so much for so little. I just wish that they were made of metal instead of plastic for a bit more durability. However, with a little care, they should still hold up just fine.



  • Colors can be customized
  • Plenty of pre-set modes
  • The beams could be a bit brighter


Other than the fact that I love how these work with all of the various colors and the movement, but I really like the way these look overall. The white casing with all of the different colored squares just adds a bit of a decorative element that I really like.

The range of colors on this is unbelievable and for the price, it’s unbeatable. With the remote, I can set the rotation of the colors as well as the speed, something I can’t do with many other lighting systems. I find it really easy to set up with quite a bit of option even without the DMX controller.

The sound activation works really well and doesn’t require super loud music in order to trigger. This is one of the most affordable lighting systems I’ve seen thus far with all the options and settings. The only issue I have is that the cord is a bit short but other than that, I absolutely love this Lixada light.



  • 8 colors
  • Color rotation and speed can be selected
  • Sensitive sound activation
  • The cord could be a bit longer

Lunsy Par 36

One of the brightest I’ve tried so far that actually comes with the remote and one of the most affordable. Lunsy really set the bar high with this one with all of the many lighting effects like fade mode, color changing mode and more.

Setting these up is pretty quick and easy but I found the built-in power cable to be a bit too short causing me to have to use an extension cord. Other than that, I found these do pretty well to be at such a competitive price.



  • Very affordable
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Bright and vibrant
  • Remote control option
  • I have none


For the most part, pretty much all of these lighting systems are good buys for the money. Of course, some are better than, and even more expensive, than others but that’s to be expected.

For the novice who is looking to add a little color and some small effects to a house or garage party without breaking the bank, then, Roxant Pulse LED Strobe Light, LaluceNatz, Lixada Laser Strobe Light are excellent choices for under 50 bucks.

If you tend to book large gigs or travel, having a lighting system that is easy to transport and quick to set up is important. Lighting bars like DragonX and CHAUVET DJ GIGBAR2 are good options as they are lightweight and easy to set up.

When choosing lighting and effects for your gigs, just remember that you want quality equipment that will also be easy to transport and setup. Also, sometimes less can be more when it comes to having an awesome light show so try not to overdo it. Think about the type of lighting and effects you want and then check out the features of each as well as the pros and cons.

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