6 Best Record Players Under $250

best record players under $250

Vinyl record sales have continued to grow consistently for the past 13 years and so have the sales of record players. Record players and vinyl are considered old school yet classy and they’re making a comeback. Thats why we are going to dig into the 6 Best Record Players Under $250.

These record players are by far the best options you can get today for under $250 and are available many places.

Whether you are new to vinyl and record players completely, or have had one in the past, you’ll want to invest in a quality record player that will last.

The 6 record players we have looked at in depth all deliver on the quality for the price point we are looking at.

1. ION Audio Max LP Turntable

With this ION record player you’ll get many features that typically aren’t included in record players around this pricepoint. 

The ION Audio Max has the ability to connect a USB to it so you can convert your records into files for your phone or computer. A pretty neat feature if you’re wanting these records with you on the go.

This particular record player option also allows you to play music from your device, through the record players built in speakers. Yet another neat option making everything easier. 

Included with the player itself is a dust cover, adapter, and a felt mat to help prevent any possible slippage. 

We love this record player because of its wooden design, and the fact that it features modern functionality as well as plays classic records.

2. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player

The Victrola Vintage 3-Speed record player is built to provide convenience and class simultaneously. 

It’s built with a three speed belt-driven turntable. A few of its more modern day features include bluetooth connectivity so you can play music through the record players built-in speakers.

If you for some reason don’t have the ability for a Bluetooth connection, you can still easily play music through a 3.5mm aux cord. 

Whenever you need to pack the record player up, you can simply close the box like you would any suitcase. Lock it up and you’re ready to go! The handle on it makes it easier to get up and go.

We really like the Victrola Vintage because of the modern features it includes and the super portable functions it has.

3. Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Record Player

This option from Audio-Technica has been widely praised for its ease of use as well as its high-quality audio it puts out. 

A nice feature that this record player has is that it’s fully automated, meaning all you have to do to play a track is set the record down on it and you’re good to go. Whenever your track ends the tonearm will automatically reset.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the record player itself is encased in an aluminum composite making for a sleek and smooth appearance. 

This particular Audio-Technica record player has smoother playback due to it being driven by an elastic belt which connects the platter to the motor. These things combined help produce smoother uninterrupted sound. 

This record player really surprised us with its quality for this price point, Audio Technica’s well respected name delivers on this player.

4. Crosley C100A-SI Record Player

This 2 speed record player by Crosley is a winner. It is one of the best-reviewed record players available online and lives up to the Crosley name.

Its unique S shaped tone arm is adjustable, therefore letting you control its weight so you can preserve your records and keep them in prime condition for days to come. 

For those who need to pair the record player up with some speakers, the Crosley C100 A-SI includes pitch controls and a built-in preamp.

As far as its general build goes, it is built with ABS plastic which is typically more durable than some other plastic like materials.

We like this option because of its unique and adjustable S shaped tonearm and the durable build quality, its no wonder this record player is so well reviewed.

5. Fluance RT81 Record Player

Another classic belt-driven record player we love is the Fluance RT81. This is by far one of the most classic and visually appealing on our list.

The RT81 delivers Hi-Fi sound at an amazing price. Even better than that, the record player itself includes a dust cover, 45 adapter, rubber slip mat, RCA cable with a ground wire, and Lifetime Customer Support. 

Its well balanced S shaped tonearm helps ensure great uninterrupted playback. 

Aesthetically the Fluance RT81 is an absolute eye pleaser. It can easily be a center piece for any room stand out perfectly. 

We like this option a lot (just like 77% of Amazon reviewers) mainly because of the quality you get for the price and its elegant appearance. 

6. House of Marley Stir It Up Record Player

Now this is a cool record player. The Stir It Up is made from bamboo and produces crisp sounding tunes in a slim package.

Its included USB jack will let you easily connect your other devices and convert your vinyl tunes into a digital file so you can take it on the go. 

One feature not included on the other record players we have gone over is the auto-start and power down functions. The power down function will simply help conserve energy when left on unused for a prolonged period of time.

The Stir It Up is all about being eco-friendly. From the bamboo built exterior to the dust cover made of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, this is as eco friendly of a record player as you’ll find.

We love this option because of its great eco-friendly build and  still delivers a high quality technologically advanced record player at an affordable price.

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Record Players Under $250 Buyers Guide

There are a few prime functions you should take a look at before making a record player purchase. For example, the materials it’s made of, the design of the tone arm etc.

Most of these options will depend on what’s most important to you in a record player. 

So lets dig in and get some simple facts down to make this a little easier.

What makes a solid record player for under $250?

With this amount of quality for under $250, it’s natural to be suspicious.

However as we and the hundreds of positive Amazon reviewers can show you, there is absolutely quality here.

Build Materials

Most build materials for record players in this price range will be ABS plastic or like The Stir Up, bamboo and recyclables.

Depending on what your purposes are, ABS plastic record players typically prove to be more than enough to handle vinyl and maintain smooth playback for days to come.

However, if you are looking for a player that’s a little more luxurious, don’t be afraid to look around for an even more sturdy option!

Digitizing Records

Another major component you should consider is if your chosen record player has the ability to digitalize your vinyl records.

If you think you may want to keep your vinyl in your phone or other device at any point, it may be worth investing in a record player that has this functionality.


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