7 Best DJ Apps

best dj apps

Being a DJ can be pretty pricey. You need large speakers, a nice controller, and some great tracks. However it can get a lot easier with a simple DJ app. Throughout this article we are going to dig into the 7 Best DJ Apps that we have found.

Today you can learn to DJ for a few dollars or even free in most cases.

Whether you want to pursue DJing as a hobby or professionally, an easy place to start is with a couple easy to use DJ apps. Let’s get started.

1. Djay

best dj apps

One of the most recognized and streamlined DJ apps out there currently is Djay. 

The Djay interface itself is not too different from a DJ controller deck you would use and you can mix two tracks at a time. 

As far as music you can mix goes, you are able to use the tracks already stored on your device, Or you can connect it to Spotify. If you choose to go the Spotify route, you’ll need to make sure you have a premium subscription.

Even if you have downloaded music on the Spotify app you’ll still need to make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi connection. It’s a minor hoop to jump through, but definitely something to keep in mind.

All in all, Djay is by far one of the most universally accepted DJ apps out there and is a great place to start, especially since its free!

2. Edjing Mix

best dj apps

If you’re ready to graduate to a more pro-level DJ app with some extra features, Edjing Mix may be the one for you. 

Since this is more of a pro-level DJ app, it features support for your devices music library, as well as SoiundCloud and Google Drive.

If you’re looking to access all the features this DJ app has to offer, the only catch is their is a paid version. The paid version is about $8.99 and that would get you full access to all features. 

While the free version is plenty to get started, the paid version unlocks many more possibilities. So if you’re an aspiring DJ and need some extra features, consider Edjing Pro as an option.

3. DJ Studio 5

best dj apps

An Android only app, DJ Studio 5 is aimed at beginner DJs. D

DJ Studio 5 will get you eight different sound effects, a three band equalizer, ten sample pads, a single cue-point per deck and a plethora of other features. 

Unlike some other DJ apps, this option doesn’t really limit any features in a Pro option. However you can grab premium skins through their in-app purchases. 

If you’re looking to grab this dj app, you’ll be able to find it in the Google Play Store.

4. Music Maker Jam

best dj apps

Another popular DJ app out there is Music Makers Jam. This DJ app mainly revolves around music creation but also features mixing options.

Its specifically designed with hobbyists in mind and has plenty of features to create beats using its in app instruments. If you’d like you can even add vocals to the beats you’ve made.

Included with the app are plenty of sound packs to mess around with and find some great sounds. 

If you’re just starting out, this is a great option for mixing, but also music creation. As with other DJ apps, there are in-app purchases you can buy to supplement the app itself.

5. Cross DJ

Produced by Mixvibes, Cross DJ is a powerful DJ app and one of the few that is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS as well. 

Cross DJ for desktop is pro-grade and has a host of different features, including being compatible with other hardware. 

As far as the mobile option goes, they feature BPM detection, beat-grid editing and more. There are in-app purchases that can offer features like an auto mixer and sample packs. 

While Cross DJ isn’t the cheapest DJ app out there, it definitely has some of the most advanced mixing features. 

6. Serato Pyro

best dj apps

Serato Pyro is an app that’s more engineered towards keeping a party going. 

It allows you to build a playlist of your favorite tracks from Spotify or iTunes libraries and it will blend the tracks automatically. 

While no software can ever mix tracks as well as an in person DJ, this software is handy for when you want to socialize and let your music go on autopilot. 

If you happen to have a short playlist or two, Serato Pyro will continue the music based on what genres of music you’re interested in. 

Just like any playlist builder, every once in a while you’ll get an odd song but its one of the best options out there.

7. Pacemaker

Another DJ app that does the beat-matching for you is Pacemaker.

The app has the ability to connect to your Spotify account and you can create mixtapes by using the included effects. 

While the automatic beat blending is more sophisticated  than Serato Pyro and can still connect to your Spotify account.

Pacemaker also has the ability to add different effects to your tracks while simultaneously not having to worry about keeping in time. 

However the waveform resolution is pretty low and you can’t record mixtapes with this DJ app since it uses Spotify. 


Which DJ app is best for me?

With all the options we have gone over, it can still be hard to see which one is right for you.

Most of it will simply depend on what you really need out of your DJ app.

Whether you’re wanting to mix more yourself or have an autopilot mixer. Either way, our reviewed list of DJ apps should help you make a more informed choice!

With most of the above DJ apps having a free version, we would recommend you a few out, what’s there to lose?

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