9 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

9 best bluetooth speakers under $100

Today in this article we are going to discuss what we have found to be the 9 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100. While there are plenty of quality bluetooth speakers available, finding a quality bluetooth speaker for under $100 can be tricky.

These days more and more devices come standard with bluetooth capabilities and speakers are no different. Most of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 that we have found focus more on the creativity and general modern aesthetic so any of these options will look great in your house!

This is a list of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 that are quality built and provide quality sound!

1. JBL Flip 4

The JBL Flip 4 bluetooth speaker is an all around winner and the most bang for your buck from what we have seen. From this option you’ll get 12 hours of continuous playtime from its 3,000 mAH rechargeable battery. It also gives you the option of connecting 2 phones to it simultaneously.

The JBL Flip 4 isn’t too big or too small. Its just the right size to be easily carried around. The sound quality is great for its size, the bass is deep and the highs are crisp. If you’re a fan of EDM or Pop this speaker is going to deliver the great sounds those genres emphasize. 

Like most of the brands other options, the Flip 4 is also bluetooth. So whether you leave it out in the rain or spill a drink, you’re speaker will work just the same.

If you’re looking for even more sound, the Flip 4  has Connect+ technology and can link to more than 100 other JBL devices to play the same song on all of them.

Overall, the JBL Flip 4 is a great option for those who are more budget conscious, but don’t want to compromise on quality. At right under $100, this is one of the best quality bluetooth speakers JBL offers at this price point.

2. Sony XB10

The Sony XB10 is a great option coming in at under $100. If you’re looking for a compact bluetooth speaker that still delivers great sound, this is a great compact speaker. 

As far as the sound quality goes this bluetooth speaker from Sony features EXTRA BASS qualities which simply means it has an advanced passive radiator. This enhanced radiator helps boost its low frequencies giving you some great sounding bass.

The XB10 has the ability to be auto-linked to a second Sony bluetooth speaker to deliver more immersive and surrounding sound. This option would be great for outdoor use as well. It’s made with a rugged exterior and is made with water resistant components to protect against rain, or spills.

Overall the Sony XB10 delivers great sound and has amazing quality for a bluetooth speaker under $100. 

3. JBL Flip 3

The JBL Flip 3 is a splash proof bluetooth speaker that offers great sound at a great price. Its tough rubber exterior helps to ensure that everything inside stays safe which is great too.

As far as sound quality goes, it provides clear sound at great bass for the size. Being that its a budget friendly option, the performance exceeded expectations. 

Powered by a 3,000 mAH rechargeable battery, the Flip 3 will pump out music for 10 hours straight. You can link 3 individual devices to it at once so you can take turns playing music.

If you’re looking for even more sound, the Flip 4  has Connect+ technology and can link to more than 100 other JBL devices to play the same song on all of them.

Overall, the JBL Flip 3 is a great option for those who are looking for a more budget friendly option while still getting some of the best sound out there.

4. Bose SoundLink

Coming in at 2.56 x 5.88 x 8.45 inches and only weighing under two pounds, the SoundLink is pretty small. Even so, its purely built for people who want quality music in a bluetooth speaker under $100. Its water-resistant silicone casing makes it easier for handling as well as makes you feel better about it in case of spills. 

You’ll get a solid eight hours of continuous playtime from this speaker. As well as playing music, you can also use the speaker to take calls with its speakerphone system. 

This option has a 30 foot range for Bluetooth so you don’t have to have your phone right on top of it to have a quality connection. If you need to charge it, it has a built in Micro-B USB port. It also includes a 3.5 MM aux audio jack so you can connect the speaker to a different source.

In conclusion, the Bose SoundLink is great for those who want a smaller speaker for in the house or by the pool. The speaker comes in black, white, blue, and red so you have many options. Check out more details on this option by clicking its photo above.

5. DOSS SoundBox

This bluetooth speaker comes in at well under $100. The Doss SoundBox delivers quality sound at a low price and is a great portable speaker.

Doss produces some great bluetooth speakers for under $100 and this is one of them. Their speakers have built-in combination drivers to deliver more enhanced and clear sounding lows at less than 1% distortion.

The Doss Soundbox is a 12 Watt speaker and produces 360 degree high quality sound. 

Similar to some other bluetooth speakers under $100 that we have in this article, this speaker is great in the outdoors. While it doesn’t have a water-resistant exterior, its rugged casing helps prevent water damage. 

This bluetooth speaker also has a 12 hour battery life so you won’t have to worry about the battery dying on you for a long time.

Overall this bluetooth speaker under $100 provides great sound and its handy touch sensitive controls make it simple to alter. At its listed price, its hard to pass it up.

6. Klipsch Groove

This bluetooth speaker from Klipsch outperforms most other bluetooth speakers in its price range and manages to pump some great sound.

Klipsch has been around for over 70 years and has a solid track record of producing quality products. The Klipsch Groove bluetooth speaker is a great option for under $100 simply due to its quality.

Its USB rechargeable 8 hour battery life makes sure you don’t have to worry about it dying on you for at least 8 hours.

It features side firing bass radiators to assist in handling its low frequencies. The side firing radiators work along side the 3-inch high excursion driver. 

This speaker is designed with water resistant components as well to prevent any performance difficulties in case of a spill or exposure to rain. 

We love this option because of the multiple drivers that help produce clearer sound and enhance its frequencies. 

7. UE Boom 2

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is a powerful speaker that comes in four different colors. You can choose from blue, black, red, and purple.

Its deep and accurate bass travels 360 degrees around the unit to create an immersive listening experience. It features a highly durable exterior and is even waterproof in up to one meter of water. Another nifty feature is it can float with ease and has an impressive 15 hour battery life.

As you can imagine, this speaker is great for both pool parties and beach adventures as it can withstand being around water and still sounds great when outside.

We love this bluetooth speaker because of the immersive sound due to the 360 degree sound it delivers. The fact that it is shockproof as well as waterproof makes the sub $100 speaker even more worth it.

8. Anker Soundcore Flare

The Soundcore Flare dishes out high quality 360 degree sound and is driven by two neodymium drivers. These drivers help deliver more immersive audio and handle low frequencies.

This bluetooth speaker is made of water resistant materials to help reduce the chances of malfunctions due to any spill or rain exposure. 

A unique feature this bluetooth speaker features is its app which allows audio controls and an array of genres. 

This bluetooth speaker features BassUp which is a patented onboard DSP which helps improve bass frequencies even more.

We love this option because of its intuitive Bluetooth app which simply helps with controlling its audio settings. For a bluetooth speaker under $100, the Soundcore Flare is another great option.

9. JBL Clip 2

If your’e going to do anything in the outdoors, the JBL Clip 2 would be a great option. For those who enjoy backpacking especially since it has an included clip on the top of it. 

The battery life sits at 8 hours which is great, especially if you go camping or have limited access to an outlet. Its also waterproof which is especially helpful since its primarily geared towards use in the outdoors.

If you’re on an adventure with a group of people, you can easily link two of them together to make your song even louder. The Clip 2 also has easy to navigate buttons on the side to adjust the volume and play/pause your music.

Overall, the JBL Clip 2 is a great option for those who’s primary use would be for the outdoors. Its small size, loud noise, and useful functions are great for its price under $100.

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$100 Bluetooth Speaker Buyers Guide

With so many Bluetooth speakers under $100 out there it can be a challenge to find a quality speaker with quality sound. We are going to provide some extra information to assist in choosing whichever option is best for you and your home. Lets dig in.

What should I look for in Bluetooth Speakers Under $100?

Most of what should look for in a bluetooth speaker under $100 depends on your lifestyle and what you would use it most for.

One thing to keep in mind if you’re needing a bluetooth speaker for your home is having the ability to link multiple speakers. If you think you may at some point find that option handy, consider grabbing a bluetooth speaker that offers that functionality. 

If you happen to travel a lot, a smaller more easily transportable speaker. Take the JBL Clip 2 for example. 

The JBL Clip 2  s conveniently sized and offers a built in clip that can be handy for suitcases or backpacks. Obviously if you’re more mobile, it would be best to choose a bluetooth speaker that has a solid construction and is very durable. 

Another thing to consider is how it delivers its low frequencies. If the speaker is not properly equipped to deliver bass than the side effect will be scratchy and distorted sound. 

Can I actually get a high quality bluetooth speaker for under $100?

Naturally bluetooth speakers under $100 may not perform as well as $300 or $400 bluetooth speakers. However you’d be surprised at what you can get for $100 these days.

Most of the time bluetooth speakers under $100 will be smaller options, but that doesn’t sacrifice the sound quality. 

Typically speakers under $100 will be more suited for those who are on the go often or consistently go on camping/hiking trips.

When it’s all said and done, consider which activities you’d need a bluetooth speaker for and go back over the speakers we have listed. As long as you pick a model with a solid track record of great reviews and it meets your needs, you’ll be set.

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