9 Best DJ Backpacks Review

A solid, stylish, and durable backpack is the number one item that a DJ must have because the profession always keeps us on the go. Welcome to “9 Best DJ Backpacks Review”.

I speak from experience in saying that a less than stellar bag has the power to ruin a gig because it can break, leaving your gear banged up and scratched, or it can be so haphazardly made without any compartments, leaving you disorganized and wasting time looking around for stuff.

For those who travel frequently, I dare say it is even more important to invest in a quality bag that can easily pass cargo cabin standards.

On top of that, this bag has to survive harsh conditions of carrying heavy equipment, while giving us comfortable straps, and ensuring we get our money’s worth by lasting through the years to come. 

Magma Riot XL

I am always a fan of the Magma brand because of their wide selection of backpacks, equipment bags, flight cases, and laptop stands for DJs.

This brand is leading, always able to deliver a perfect blending of functionality and style leaving many impressed and satisfied. The Riot XL is one of its bigger models designed for moving around with a basic DVS setup like a 15 inches laptop, records, small modular controllers, and other small accessories. 


  • The removable dividers are my favorite feature of this bag because it keeps us organized.
  • The separate side entry compartment providing easy access to things is another plus
  • This completely water proof exterior, ensconced with lockable zippers, ensures the gear’s safety.


  • The outer pocket does not feel like it has enough padding and protection so resist the urge of putting a laptop there.
  • There is no info regarding SR fittings.
  • The bag is more expensive than the mixer it is carrying.

Orbit Concept JetPack Remix

I believe this to be one of the most popular brands among professional DJs. JetPack by Orbit Concepts is the preferred brand of icons like, DJ QBert, the Beat Junkies, and Jazzy Jeff. This creatively design bag has been well-planned. It may be compact and sleek, but the spacious interior with its lots of pockets are enough to stash all of our job necessities. 


  • The built-in sleeves for storing control vinyl makes for easier handling.
  • This brand allows us to customize it with our own logo. One logo starts at an extra $85 on top of the base price.
  • More compact than the original and holds its shape better.
  • There’s a top handle and the padding in the back contains a hollow section, to help you keep cool when wearing it.


  • There are no exterior pockets of any kind.
  • The Jetpack designs in the front may not be to everyone’s liking.

Mono EFX Flyby

I strongly believe that this is one of the most innovative bags available in the market today. Its compact design was built to make the bag stand-up on its own on its rubber footing.

It comes with multiple carrying options with the different exterior straps strategic positioning. The bag’s main compartment is large enough for most modern controllers, and it comes with a built-in 17″ laptop pack. This water proof bag is thick enough to keep everything safe and well-protected.


  • There are extra pouches available to store all your cables and extra gear
  • The thick straps make getting around totally painless and comfortable.
  • There are outer pockets, which are perfect for storing your favorites because of its easy-access.


  • Several people have had issues with the zipper breaking.
  • The plastic buckles also leave much to be desired because they glazing comes off easily.

Thule Crossover

I can see this Thule Crossover 32L bag with its many pockets and zip exterior pockets was really designed for organization, accessibility, and protection. This simple, stylish durable pack comes with its dedicated electronics protection compartment, which is crush resistant for the safety of the gear inside.

It features ample storage space for all your gear. The padded compartment can hold up to a 15 inch MacBook Pro. The bag is generally lightweight, which makes carrying it a breeze. 


  • Crushproof safezone compartment for sunglasses and fragile gear.
  • It has a dedicated phone pocket to keep it from swimming around with the other things.
  • There’s a side zipper for easy access to the stuff inside.
  • There are gusseted zippered side pockets that will be perfect for an umbrella or a water bottle.


  • Reported to have faulty zippers that easily break.
  • The material of the bag feels inferior, with threads from stitches sticking out.
  • The side water bottle pocket is wide but very short.

Pelican S115

I have always been a fan of the Pelican brand because it is the best at waterproofing and offering air tight cases. This bag is officially called Sport Elite Laptop and Camera Bag from the prestigious Pelican company, featuring a water tight hard case at the back.

A rigid front plate is situated in the front to provide impact protection. This can accommodate up to a 17 inch full size laptop, which is secure inside the padded crush proof compartment that gives total protection. There are three interior padded pockets and there are also 3 exterior pockets for organization and ease of use.

The padded shoulders straps are comfortable and this particular model offers lumbar support. If the pack is loaded, use the sternum chest straps for added comfort. 


  • The laptop provides a high tech pressure equalization valve to keep things vacuum locked and safe on the inside.
  • There is an O-ring gasket, keeping it sealed and watertight up to a depth of one meter for around 30 minutes.


  • This bag is only top loading which might be inconvenient when we are in a rush to get things out.
  • Its rigid structure does not make it mold into the body.
  • The same rigid quality makes it difficult to store in tight spaces.

Gruv Gear Club Bag

I love that this bag has prioritized compartments because it makes for easy carrying, plus you do not have to pile your stuff on top of each other. Doing so saves a lot of time scouring your bag for the items.

This particular Gruv Gear Club Bag features a rugged and weather proof nylon shell. Its 20 liter capacity can fit a lot for everyday carry. This bag possesses an exclusive ScanFly laptop system, which allows for ease of scanning in the airport. This can fit up to a 15inch one.

The luxurious genuine leather trim adds a nice classy touch. Easy carrying is made possible with the comfortable air mesh straps for both back and the chest.

It is free standing and fully padded, so it can easily hold up gear without fear of it topping over, not unless we want it laying down on the ground sideways, of course. 


  • This comes with a crafty glove box that offers a clip for headphones or sunnies.
  • It comes with what they call as removable bento boxes to keep things organized.
  • There are removable shelves for customization of own bag.
  • A bottom section access is made easy with dual locker doors.
  • The quick access passport pocket is an ingenious touch.


  • Some people have complained about the zipper saying it cannot go all the way through on one side without sticking. It feels as if both zippers have to meet in the middle of the bag only.
  •  Manufacturer warranty only offers a credit.
  •  The company makes you pay $20-$30 shipping for a replacement, even if the bag has a defect.

Swissgear Travel Scansmart

I love being able to stuff and pack all my gear in this one, with lots extra space so I, too, can pack load of extras. It can fit up to a large 17 inch laptop.

The Swissgear ScanSmart Laptop Backpack is made from long lasting and sturdy fabric made of polyester, making it water resistant. This comes with a bigger opening for the main compartment, which can easily fit your laptop.

It is shrouded with added protection of padding so there is nothing for us to worry about. It provides stride compression straps that are also adjustable.

The back panel is also beefed up with more padding and is craftily equipped with Air Flow technology so that it doesn’t sit on the back making us sweat. 


  • The most attractive feature of this product is the price.
  • It provides a ScanSMart system speeds up scanning because it allows to be completely flat upon inspection in the airport.
  • There are a multitude of internal accessory pockets, accessory pockets located at the sides, and a water bottle pocket.
  • There is a padded media pocket with headphone cord port.
  • There is a unique carabiner and web daisy chain attached to the front part of the bag so you can use it or your own gear when you are on the go.
  • The shoulder strap has a reflective material which keeps everyone safer at night by being more visible.
  • This comes with a built in unique accordion file holder.


  • I am hard pressed finding a negative review on this product. Majority of the testimonials have only good things to say. For such a low price, this backpack punches a mean punch, making people feel they have gotten their money’s worth.

Slappa MASK Jedi Custom

This puncture proof and water proof nylon bag offers a lot of flexible storage concerns. The interwoven face is eye catching,. What sets the mast apart from all the other bags out there is that it is easily customizable.

You ca easily buy a new face or insert to constantly upgrade the look. This is a larger bag which can fit up to an 18 inch laptop. It has an in bag scan feature, which allows our bag to just lay there while being scanned in the airport. 


  • It comes with a padded main laptop compartment that can fit a large 18 inch laptop. And on top of that, its other best feature is that has another laptop pocket perfect for a smaller one at 10-12 inches.
  • It comes with 3 interior pockets for organization.
  • The middle compartment can fit around 3 days worth of clothes or as a DJ, it can fit most mid-sized mixers.
  • Inner panel has more interior pockets and the front of the Jedi has two pockets.


  • Craftsmanship is terrible.
  • Old solid metal zippers have been replaced with plastic covered metal wire. 

Orbit Concepts Jetpackslim

A true bag and brand for DJs, this Orbit finally comes with a compact, sleek, new design. It can fit key Disk Jockey essentials, while being able keep up with your daily routine.

This is the most travel friendly bag produced by this brand to date. Trim with a sleek aesthetic, the slim utilizes jetpack’s core organizational approach, making sure you’ll never be without your essentials. The Jetpackslim is perfect for the jet setter who is always on the go. 


  • This is TSA approved laptop bag so no need to remove your laptop at security.
  • Comes with quality water resistant fabric and built-in vinyl sleeves. 
  • There is a trolley handle that makes it easy to use with a cart.


  • This is smaller than the original so it fits less stuff.
  • The layout is found to be faulty.
  • There is lacking in padding in the back area.
  • Zipper issues are once again a major point against the brand.

There are clearly many brands available in the market for our DJ-ing needs. The main consideration for anyone of us is to always research.

With the access to many search engines, there is no excuse to end up with bag you don’t like. Careful consideration must be made when comparing the features versus our needs.

The only one who can truly determine what perfect bag will go with our needs is you so carefully consider your options! 

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