9 Best Karaoke Machines Reviewed

best karaoke machine

If you’re looking to amp up a party and involve your guests a little bit, a karaoke machine is a great option to do just that. With so many options on the market and varying features between different machines, it can be a lot to dig into. Together lets dig in to the 9 Best Karaoke Machines we’ve found on the market today. 

We are going to make looking at the features of each option quick and easy for you to read through and list that option at the lowest price we have found.

1. ION Audio Block Rocker

The ION Audio Block Rocker is sure to amp up your party. Packed with dynamic, powerful sound thanks to the 8-inch subwoofer and its wide dispersion tweeter, the sound it produces is deep and clear.

Its 100 Watts of power has the ability to blast the volume and if you’re wanting even more bass, there is a ‘Bass Boost’ button to instantly boost your tracks low notes.

Its rugged plastic enclosure helps protect its insides and also holds a telescoping handle  and wheels to make transporting it anywhere a breeze.

With this option you can enjoy an incredible 50 hours of playback through its rechargeable battery. If you happen to need a charge for your smartphone or other device, it conveniently includes a USB port for easy charging.

Bluetooth connectivity is also available with this karaoke machine, so you can send music to the system through your phone or its 3.5mm aux input cable.

What we really like about this machine is how diverse its options are. Whether you’re singing through the speakers or playing music through your phone, you’re covered with this option.

2. Karaoke USA GF842

If you’re looking for a little more unique option for a karaoke machine, the Karaoke USA is your best bet. Its built in 7″ display and color changing lights make for a great time, as well as making it easy to view track lyrics.

Included with this karaoke machine are 2 DVDs that include a combined 300 classic favorites. You can even record your own singing with mixes and make your own CDs.

This system also works with a range of apps on most iPhones and Androids. It also even has Bluetooth, RCA, AUX, SD cards and USB as well as DVDs.

As far as its sound goes, the 35 watts it pumps out is sure to blast the music you’re playing. Instead of having to walk over to the system to choose another song, it also includes a remote so you can do it from a distance.

What we really liked about this machine is the 7″ inch screen and color changing lights as well is its included quality microphone.

3. Akai KS213

This simplistic yet stylish option definitely makes the list for one of the best karaoke machines on the market. It will look great in any living room or bedroom and carries about all the options a great karaoke machine can offer.

This machine has an AUX connection as well as an input for CDs and if you’re looking for a duet, there are 2 microphone jacks. Included with this karaoke machine is 1 wired microphone. 

Its multicolor lighting effects are great to help set the mood at your parties or family fun in general. 

A neat feature this system includes is a device cradle at the top of it. This allows you to place an iPad on it and read the lyrics right off of it. Its built-in speakers will be sure to blast the music on your CD or iPad. 

What we love about this machine is its sleek appearance and colorful LED lights on its sides. 

4. Memorex MKS-SS2

While some of us may love a more colorful option, there is definitely a place for a more simplistic karaoke machine. The Memorex Karaoke machine is great due to its solid yet simple stand to make singing feel like you’re on a stage.

At the base of the stand is a powerful speaker that also holds the controls for its sound. 

You can put your devices on the devices stand under the microphone without having to worry about dropping them due to its secure build. 

The Automatic Voice Control built in to this machine helps balance your vocals equally to the ratio of the music. Even better, there is an input for instruments so you can insert your guitar or other instrument to play through the system.

What we loved about this karaoke machine is how its solid constructed stand and the option to connect an instrument yourself and play through the machine.

5. Singing Machine SML385BTW

Most of the time if you’re looking for quality, its not going to be cheap. However the Singing Machine is a quality karaoke machine at a cheaper price. 

If you have plenty of CDs lying around, then you will have a never-ending supply of fun with this machine. If you’d like to connect your phone via Bluetooth, you can do that with this machine as well. 

There is only one microphone included with this karaoke machine but there are 2 jacks. So the duets can never end! You can view your tracks lyrics by simply hooking the machine up to your TV with the included RCA cables.

What we love about this option is the affordability of this option, especially for the quality!

6. Electrohome Portable Karaoke System

This stylish option for a karaoke machine, the Electrohome Karaoke Machine, is a great option for those who want a sleek looking sing along machine. It offers CD/CD+G input as well as a USB port. 

While the machine does have its own 3,5″ inch LCD screen, you can connect it to your TV for a supersized view of your tracks lyrics. 

This option is pretty compact and therefore easy to transport. 

Its Adjustable Digital Key controls allow you to customize the recorded track to match your vocal range, so you won’t need to singe at the top of your voice if you don’t want to. There is also a disc included with commonly used karaoke sounds.

We love this karaoke machine because of the compact size and newer tech that it supplies. Its Auto Voice Control that records your sounds when you have your best vocal session. 

7. Singing Machine iSM1030BT

If you’re looking for a professional grade karaoke system, the Singing Machine iSM1030BT is for you. It features just about everything you’d ever want in a karaoke machine.

Its two tower speakers pump some serious yet clear sound and makes sure everyone around hears them. If you’d like you can insert your CD’s mobile devices, and MP3 players with some graphics. 

This particular karaoke machine has a 7″ display that displays the lyrics, however it does have other connectivity capabilities also. 

We loved this option because of its quality as well as its professional and convenient format, as well as its professional look it can add to any room.

8. Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0

The Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 isn’t like any of the other options we have gone over so far. With this karaoke machine, the control is in your hands literally. 

This option doesn’t have the option to insert CD’s, but it offers a list of 5,150 built in songs to choose from. Whatever songs you’re looking for, this option will most likely have it. 

This machine also has HD pictures in the background to add some more visual effects to the music you’re singing. This karaoke machine is optimal for duets since it includes 2 mics. 

We love this option because of its simplicity and thousands of songs to choose from. It’s also great for duets to put the two microphones to use. 

9. Singing Machine STVG785W

Yet another Singing Machine option, the Singing Machine STVG785W is a great option for those who are looking for a more colorful karaoke machine. While its a more simplistic option, it sure does the job. 

It includes echo and voice control so your vocals will sound great and balanced. 

This Singing Machine also has RCA output jacks to connect to your TV so you can view the lyrics on your big screen.

We love this karaoke machine because of its professional and colorful look as well as the high quality microphone included with the machine. Whether you’re going to have a family night, or a party, this is a great option.

Karaoke Machine Buyers Guide

While every one of the karaoke machines we have reviewed are the best quality and most modestly priced we have found, we know that you’ll need one that fits your needs. 

Thats why we are going to break a few key features down and help you determine what features are most important to you. 


Power Output

As far as specifications for karaoke machines go, frankly your first consideration really shouldn’t be the amount of power flowing through your system. With these options, the wattage can range pretty broadly. Some karaoke machines can have as little as 10 Watts while others produce as much as 300 Watts.

Most of the time, if you’re going to need a simple machine that’s going to be used in a domestic setting, 90 Watts is usually sufficient. While it can vary depending on how large the room you’re in is, 90 Watts is plenty of power.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is very important to consider when looking at different karaoke machines. The built-in speakers can vary greatly as far as quality goes, in most cases the bigger your budget the better sound you’ll get. So if you’re particular about sound quality, definitely go for an upscale karaoke machine.


Another big thing you should be looking into when researching the best karaoke machines are its formats and connectivity. There are many formats for inputs out there and its important to make sure you grab the one you can use with your preferred format.

They include CD+G, VCD, DVD, and MP3 players. If you’re going to be using your machine with different devices like tablets, TVs, and phones make sure you get a machine with about every connectivity option. It will definitely need to have RCA, HDMI, USB, and an iPod connection.

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