9 Best Kids Drum Sets Review

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We have researched some of the top drum sets optimized for kids and have narrowed all the options down to these 9 sets. Below is a list of the 9 best kids drum sets that we have found on the market today.

The qualities of these listed drum sets will help your child learn to play drums quickly and easily. When you pick your drum set, make sure that you grab a pair of drumsticks for when they start practicing. 

With all the options on the market, it can be a lot to dig into especially if you’re child tends to be particular. These sets have differing designs and features so you can be confident you will find the right drum set for your kid.

A few key factors you should consider are the age of your child, the drumsticks, the height of the drum etc. If you can narrow down which factors are most important to your child it’ll make choosing the right drum set easier!

1. Gammon 5-Piece Starter Drum Set

This drum set by Gammon is a full 5 piece set with cymbals stands included. Gammon is exclusively a drum set company whether it comes to your usual drum sets or kids drum sets.

This Gammon set is one of the top kids drum sets on the market and has about everything your child needs to successfully learn to play the drums in no time.

We love this option because it includes its 5 pieces that are essential for learning properly and comes equipped with cymbals and drum sticks as well.

2. ddrum D120BMB D Series

If you’re looking for a quality drum set for your child at a lower price, ddrum supplies it with this option. ddrum is known for supplying great quality drum sets at an affordable price and this set is no different.

Specifically designed for kids, the ddrum D120BMB D series helps make sure your kid is learning the drums on a quality drum set. As far as drum sets optimized for children go, this drum set by ddrum is a great quality choice.

We love this option because of the amount of quality you get at a low price.

3. Gammon Complete 5-Piece

Another great option from Gammon is the Gammon Complete 5-Piece. This drum set includes cymbal stands although you’ll need to grab a pair of appropriately sized drum sticks as well.

The quality of this drum set as well as the tone of its individual pieces sounds great and exemplifies quality. Gammons drum sets tend to always look great and this option is no different. This particular set is coated in a glossy black finish. 

We love this drum set by Gammon because of the quality you get for the price, as well as its sleek cosmetic look.

4. GP Percussion GP50BL

If you’re child wants to try out the drums and just simply see whether or not it turns into a long term hobby, this drum set by GP is the place to start. 

This set has everything your child needs to start learning the drums and it comes at a low price, while also providing great quality. The GP GP5oBL also includes a 10″ cymbal, high hat, and a bass drum pedal.

We love this option like most of the others, because of the quality construction you get for an almost bargain price.

5. Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece

Similar to the GP Percussion we reviewed above, the Mendini Cecilio 5-Piece should definitely been a top contender for your choice of drum set. 

This set is a great sounding set at a great sounding price. With  great realistic sound and a quality construction, this drum set is great sounding and sleek looking.

We love this option because of the pro sound you get from a beginner option, as well as the adjustable throne for an easy to adjust drumming experience.

6. Ludwig Outfit Wine Red

Ludwig is known for being one of the most high quality drum set suppliers around. If your child is getting serious about playing the drums and you want them to have a more high quality and well known name to play on, Ludwig is the way to go.

This set in particular plays a lot better than some other drum sets on the market, mainly due to its quality from the well known supplier.

We love this option because even though its a little pricier than other options, the quality from Ludwig is top notch. This set is for the committed child who is going to play for a while.

7. Alesis DM6 USB Electronic Drum Set

If you’re looking for an electronic drum set for your child, this option is arguably one of the best out there. Alesis is a well known name, producing high quality, top of the line electronic drum sets and percussion equipment. 

This set is a great choice if you’re looking to get the best electronic drum set for your beginner. With its excellent 108 quality drum and cymbal sounds, its hard to go wrong with this electronic drum set option. 

We loved this drum set because it has a lot it offers and is preferred by many to be the best option for an electronic set.

8. SPL Lil Kicker 3-Piece

If you have a child who is 7 or below, this 3-piece drum set is the best option for your child. Since its a 3-piece, that’ll make it easier for your younger child to learn the basics before graduation to a more advanced drum set. 

One of the best things about this option is that it’s inexpensive. So if you’re not sure whether you’re child will be dedicated to drumming for a while, you can start with this less expensive 3-piece set to see how dedicated they will be to the instrument.

We love this option because of the great price. It also helps younger children determine whether they want to pursue drumming more seriously or if its a passing hobby.

9. Gammon Princess Pink Complete Set

Yet another great drum set by Gammon Percussion is the Princes Pink drum set. This is a complete 5-piece set with cymbals and everything.

We love this option because of its great sound it produces and that it includes everything your child needs to get started drumming. 

Junior Drum Set Buyer's Guide

While you’re looking at the best drum set option for your child, there are a few things you should consider. In this case you should look at the type of drums, and type of cymbals in particular.

Lets go over a few things to help you make the best choice.

Snare Drum

At the center of your new drum kit is the snare drum. When you’re listening to drums playing, the strongest sounds you’ll hear most often come from the snare. The snares wires are made to create a crisp sound and make a loud snap.

Tom Drum

The Top drum is another major part of a drum set. Some drum sets can have up to 3 tom drums on them. 

There are 4 different toms in the tom drum itself. This includes double-headed rack toms, floor toms, concert toms, and rototoms. 

Bass Drum

A more common name for the bass drum is the “kick drum”. 

These drums produce a lower pitched sound and provide the most prominent beat, almost a vibration. If you’re playing more hardcore rock or something similar, you’ll use the bass drum a lot. 

Different Kinds Of Cymbals

One of the most important parts of a drum set is the cymbal. 

Let’s go over what different kinds of cymbals there are and what they do.

Ride Cymbal

Ride cymbals are primarily used for helping maintain a solid, consistent rhythm. Most of the time the diameter of a ride cymbal is about 20″ and is a medium weighted cymbal. Most drummers tend to use a single ride cymbal.

Hi-hat Cymbal

The hi-hat cymbal is made up of two primary components. Two cymbals are constructed to face towards each other an its metal mount which is connected to the legs. 

They are typically played with both drum sticks but they can also be played with one or by pushing the connected foot pedal. When the foot is lifted of its pedal the individual cymbals move away from each other.

Crashes Cymbal

One of the stronger sounds responsible for sound climaxes are made by the crashes cymbals. They can also play along with the hi-hats and ride cymbals.

Our Top Choice

The D120B MB D by ddrum is our top choice for quality and its price point. While it is a bit more than other options, its quality trumps its cost easily. This set is a great choice if you’re look for quality and a lower price point.

This drum set is a complete 5-piece set and has everything your child needs to get started.  While the drums won’t arrive to your door assembled, they are simple to assemble yourself and it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes time.

Best Value

If you’re looking for a great option for your child but also want to do it on a budget, it would be worth checking out the Gammon Complete 5-Piece. This set includes everything some cymbal stands to drum sticks also.

The sound quality of this drum set in particular is pretty exceptional compared to other options in its price point. This set won’t be hard for you to set up as it includes an instruction manual and should only take a maximum of 45 minutes to construct.

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