9 Best Subwoofers for Cars Review

best subwoofers for cars

If you’re like many people and love to have a solid sounding stereo system in your car, its common knowledge that you’ll probably need a subwoofer. To help with your search for the right sub, we have compiled a list of the 9 best subwoofers for cars below to help you become more informed about subwoofers in general.

While there are so many options out there, its up to you how much bass you really want. For “bassheads”  you’re going to want a larger option while if you want just a slightly upgraded sense of bass you’re going to want a smaller subwoofer. Lets get started.

1. MTX TNE212D

The MTX TNE212D is definitely for those who are purely bassheads. This option comes as a full package which includes the MTX subwoofer, a capable mono amplifier, and an installation kit which holds everything you need for it to be mounted in your car.

This option is a piece of cake to install and its subs are housed in a great enclosure to reduce muffling and ensure crisp clean bass.

The MTX can handle a total combined RMS power of 400 at 800-watt peaks. Included in the construction of this subwoofer is whats called Spider Plateau Venting, which simply means it circulates air well to reduce heat throughout the system. 

We love this option because of the easy install and the high power output. Its great ventilation is helpful to reduce heat build-up too. 

2. Alpine SWR-12D2

This 12 inch subwoofer from Alpine is a great option to get a great extra bass boost in your cars stereo. The SWR comes as a bare subwoofer that you will need to purchase or build an enclosure for. Many people these days love customizing their own subwoofer boxes to show off at car meets or at simple parties or events.

A unique thing about this sub is that its cones pulp includes Kevlar in it to reduce any possible rattling. This gives you a crisper sound from your sub. Its dual 2-ohm voice coils are great in quality and are also high temperature.

As far as frequency goes, its low frequency is between 24 and 200 kHz which is optimal for great lows. It can handle between 300 to 1000 watts of RMS power so at peak power it’s at 3000 watts. 

We love this option because of the great sound it produces and high power. This 12-inch is guaranteed to help you hop your way down the road.

3. MTX Audio 5512-44

Another great 12 inch option from MTX is the 5512-44. This sub is offered as just the subwoofer alone ready for you to install it in a box yourself. Like the other MTX subwoofer we reviewed, this also features Spider Plateau Venting to prevent any rattling. 

This subwoofer has inverted apex surround which tends to be narrower than most and helps to distribute the air better. In addition, it has connectable compression terminals for a simple install.

We love this option because of its affordable price as well as its great venting. 

4. JBL CT-Bass Pro12

Unlike a couple of the subwoofers we have already reviewed above, this subwoofer by JBL already has an enclosure included in its build. Its a sleek modern style enclosure with a Slipstream port to minimize any rattling and poor sound quality.

This subwoofer has a 12 inch cone surrounded by rubber. Its rubber surrounding increases its flux and provides a great deal of dampening. JBL is top of the line in many ways and this subwoofer is no different. Its cone movement is directed by JBLs patented GT Bass Progressive Spider, which improves high pitches.

The JBL CT-Bass Pro12 also has a built-in amplifier that runs at 150 Watts RMS and 450 peak.

We love this option because of its more advanced patented features offered by JBL at a great price point. 

5. Pioneer TS-SW3002DS4

The TS-SW3002DS4 has an oversized that the helps provide more cone surface without changing the overall dimension of the subwoofer. It is designed to play specifically in small spaces in your vehicle, so you don’t have to sacrifice space for sound. 

This great subwoofer from Pioneer boasts a max power output of 1500 Watts which is pretty impressive for a 12 inch sub. It delivers this power by utilizing Pioneer’s MICA injection-molded resin which assists in produces accurate sounding, deep bass.

If you need an enclosure for this subwoofer, you can also grab the UD-SW300D to pop this sub into. 

We love this option because of the amount of clear lows this advanced Pioneer subwoofer produces and its price point.

6. Kicker 12-Inch 300W

Kicker is a well known subwoofer manufacturer known primarily for delivering quality at a lower price. These 12 inch subwoofers are sold as a pair and are built with great venting and spiraled tinsel-lead making these subs last awhile.

They are 12 inch subwoofers with OHMS impedance of a solid 4 OHMS and are overall very flexible and can you be mounted almost anywhere in your vehicle. Each subwoofer has a 150 Watt RMS power at 300 max RMS and goes up to 88.3 decibels. 

We love this subwoofer from Kicker because of its great price point for a pair, and the quality you’ll get for that price.

7. Dual Electronics BP1204

One of the best sets of enclosed bandpass subwoofers available on Amazon today are the Dual Electronics BP1204. They are 12 inches each and produce a pounding 1100 Watts of peak power. Individually they produce 600 Watts of RMS power at about 4 OHMS impedance. 

Its advanced computer system is solely engineered to help optimize every function and promote overall efficiency within the subwoofer itself. This sub has ventilated circuitry which you can see clearly through its Plexiglas which is simply a great aesthetic. 

We love this subwoofer and think it’d be great for your car if you love great power and a clean, crisp, aesthetic look to show off.

8. Pioneer TS-W254R

The Pioneer TS-W254R comes as a single subwoofer and is by far one of the most luxurious options we have reviewed here in this post. It uses 6-layer copper coils and a composite cone that’s injection molded for a more high quality, tight knit subwoofer.

While it serves as a prime example of what Pioneer products can do, its price point is crazy low for such a quality piece of audio equipment. This subwoofer provides excellent bass from a reputable manufacturer and is absolutely affordable to most.

We love this option because of the incredible quality you get at a great price, the TS-W254R is one of the best 10 inch woofers available on Amazon by far.

9. Kicker DCWR122

Last on our list of reviewed car subwoofers today is Kicker’s dual 12 inch woofer. The DCWR122 is factory built and made at a high standard of quality construction. 

Its enclosure is a front facing design with a unique tuned port. The 2×12-inch subwoofers produce 1000 Watts at 2 OHMS giving this subwoofer a total of 2000 Watt peak RMS. 

We love this option due to the ease of install and the incredible power this Kicker subwoofer pumps out.

Subwoofer Buying Guide

There are a few things you should consider before making a decision on which subwoofer would be best for you and your needs.

Let’s go over a few of those important factors now to make your choice a little easier.

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a large loudspeaker that is specifically designed to produce low-pitched audio sounds such as bass and sub-bass.

The average frequency range of a subwoofer is between 100-200 Hz for most consumer grade products.

While subwoofers are never meant to be played stand-alone, they help enhance the sound of your speakers that produce highs. It’s always important to have crisp, clean lows to compliment your tracks.

They produce these lows by moving large amounts of air  and often require a lot of power from your chosen amplifier.

Subwoofers are made up of one or more woofers that are installed inside an enclosure, typically made up of wood, to help with sound production as well as protected the woofer to a degree.

How Do Subwoofers Work?

Subwoofers are always connected to an amplifier to provide the incredible amount of power that flows to the sub itself. 

The woofer amplifies the electrical current and converts it to sound as it passes through its magnet coil, causing its cone to vibrate.

When the cone vibrates, the subwoofer starts to create waves, giving you those lows you need to enhance your tracks. 

What is the RMS Power Rating?

RMS power is how much power that your amp will put out to your sub or how much power your speaker can handle.

While RMS ratings are on average much lower than peak power ratings, typically they will more accurately show you what your speaker or amplifier is capable of blasting.

How do you Install a Subwoofer In a Car?

Depending on the size of subwoofer you choose to grab and whether or not your sub comes in its own enclosure, it can vary on how to install your woofer in your car.

As far as subwoofer installation goes, its not rocket science and can easily be installed with a little elbow grease and some YouTube videos like the one below.

If you find that you still need a bit of help with the installation, refer to a professional to install your equipment or grab a friend who’s done it before!


I’m sure that by now you’ve seen that there can be more involved in installing a subwoofer and amp than you may have initially thought.

If you’re wanting a quick to install option, we would recommend going for a subwoofer that comes in its enclosure already, instead of having to construct your own.

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