9 Stylish and Functional Record Player Stands

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Vinyl is timeless and sleek.  If you have a record player in your home and want to display it, it’s important to have a sleek record player stand. This article is going to discuss what we believe are the top 9 Stylish and Functional Record Player Stands.

During the 1900’s every home would have its music pouring through its rooms. Vinyl has lost some of its popularity in recent years, however it is starting to make a comeback. 

Many millennials as well as collectors are snatching up vinyl everywhere.

Just like choosing your collection of records, it’s equally important to display your record player to provide an even more classic aesthetic. There are plenty of record player stands to choose from and they don’t have to be expensive. 

With style and functionality in mind, we have collected the basic research on these 9 record player stands, so lets dig in.

1. Victrola Wooden Record Player Stand

This record player stand by Victrola is purely made of wood and has simplicity in mind. If you’re looking for a smaller record player stand that you wouldn’t necessarily use as a key piece in your living room or office, this stand works perfectly.

Its a simplistic yet classic looking piece and can hold up to 50 records. This record stand is easy to construct and requires no tools to assemble. 

While there are a few color options to choose from, keep in mind that if you order the “espresso” color option it may not be quite as dark as it appears to be. 

We love this option because of the simplistic aesthetic as well as the ease of assembly.

2. Way Basics 2 Shelf Record Player Stand

Way Basics record player stand has an eco friendly vibe. Its constructed from recycled paperboard and is actually very durable. This record player stand can support up to 170 LP’s on each shelf.

You’ll get an absolutely ample amount of storage with this stand and its recycled materials make it light and easy to move around the house. If you want to make this record player stand even more sturdy, try incorporating some glue into the pegs when assembling it.

We love this option because of its eco friendly build and its simplicity. Its price point is also unbeatable for the amount of storage you get. 

3. Crosley Everett Record Player Stand

I personally love this stand. Its wooden modern design is sure to compliment any room and can fit most record players on its top. If you happen to need an amp near to your record player, you can easily install one on the inside and simply drill a couple holes.

The Crosley record player stand can hold up to 70 albums and has wired slots inside to keep your records in place. Its unique cabinet design is also helpful for adding a bit more protection to your records on the inside.

Overall this record player stand has a great modern aesthetic and and provides plenty of storage at a great price.

4. Pangea Vulcan Record Player Stand

The Pangea Vulcan record player stand is another great example of modern design with plenty of storage for your records. They have developed a great and functional storage unit for your records that is also guaranteed to compliment any room you place it in.

The record players shelves are super thick, making it very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. Its a perfect size for your record player and can easily support it on top. 

At its great price point, you’ll still get a quality record player stand and everything you pay for.

We love this option because of its sleek style and great size. Its price is also lower than other options for what you get.

5. Crosley Brooklyn Record Player Stand

For those who are looking for something a little more unique but also carries a modern aesthetic, the Crosley Brooklyn record player stand provides both features. It has an adjustable top shelf and is extremely durable. 

Crosley did a great job designing this record player stand with its wood and industrial style to work together. Your records artwork tends to compliment the stands design as it sticks out from the top. 

While this option is pretty heavy (around 90 pounds) its about as sturdy and capable of holding hefty record players as you can get. With that said, its no easily movable and is more meant to stay in place for a while.

We love this option because of its almost rustic industrial design and super sturdy construction.

6. Line Phono Record Player Stand

With a ton of storage and a great design, the Line Phono record player stand is a great and functional aesthetic for any room. Its shelves can hold a combined 100 records so record storage is no issue at all with this stand. 

Its compact design is simplistic and easy to move to different rooms if need be. However it can still support most sizes of record players so it’s the best of both worlds. 

The design, similar to some others, is more minimalist and will compliment other pieces of furniture in any room. 

To make sure that your records don’t fall out of place, the shelves have small grooves to help prevent any possible movement. The Line Phono also offers a few different colors to choose from.

We love the Line Phono record player stand because of its simplistic design and amount of storage it provides.

7. Retro Clarence Media Record Player Stand

This option is a little more luxurious than the other record player stands we’ve gone over so far. The Retro Clarence Media record player stand features a retro design with modern features. 

Its exposed shelving is great for holding records and also offers adjustable height options. If you have more valuable records that need more protection you can easily place them in the closed shelves on the bottom.

While this is a larger record player stand than others, it will naturally take a bit longer to assemble. This is a great piece if you’re looking to display your record collection and make a statement in a living room or bedroom.

Overall, the Retro Clarence record player stand is best for those who want a larger piece to display their record player and needs more storage. 

8. Novogratz Concord Record Player Stand

One of my personal favorite options we have reviewed in this article is the Novogratz Concord record player stand. It can easily support large collections of records and comes with 2 drawers for some extra storage should you need it. 

This record stand is super sleek for a few reasons. Its stained wooden design is sleek and easily stands out in any room. A unique feature about this stand are its hairpin legs, which are a great statement of modern design.

The Novogratz Concord is durable and sturdy so if you’re looking to get a record player stand that will last a while, this option is one will provide years of enjoyment.

We love this unique and modern designed record player stand because of its great design and durable build.

9. Lumiwood Record Player Stand

If you’re looking for a more luxurious record player stand to make a statement, the Lumiwood record player stand is the one for you. Its hairpin legs and solid oak construction are only a couple things to keep in mind about this option.

The durable and rugged construction adds to its aesthetic and it will be sure to stand out in any room you put it in. Assembly is quick and easy with this option and will be ready to impress as soon as its constructed.

We love this option because of its great quality and unique design. So if you’re looking for a uniquely designed record player stand, this is a great option.

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Record player stand buyers guide

There are a few things that need to be considered when purchasing a record player stand.

Most of it will depend on what kind of style you’re into, and what functions you will require out of one. Let’s dig in.

What should I consider when choosing a record player stand?

First you should consider what function you’ll need to get out of your stand. 

For example, if you have a lot of albums to store, you may want to pick a stand that offers plenty of storage for them. The Novogratz Concord is always a great option for a lot of storage. 

As any collector of vinyl would say, your records should never be stacked, rather they should stand. 

Stacking vinyl will only help deteriorate the record itself over the years and ultimately it will be a waste. All of the record players stands we have reviewed above help solve that problem by offering plenty of standing room.

Another big thing to consider is what kind of style you’re into. There are many options on the side of purely modern and many that are more rugged and durable. 

Once you find the perfect balance of function and style to fit your lifestyle, that will make choosing your record player stand a lot easier.

Can I get a quality record player stand a low price?

Absolutely! There are many options we have actually gone over that are budget conscious and still provide a high level quality at a great price.

Take the Way Basics record player stand for example. Super eco friendly and a great modern style for a low price. However if you’re wanting to go for a more luxurious option there are plenty of stands that fit the bill.

Depending on where you live, in an apartment or a home, you can still find a quality record player stand that fits your needs at a great price. 

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