DJ Software For Beginners And Pros 2019

The purpose of this post is to bring light to some of the best names in DJ software as of 2019 and share the features that make each software unique. Welcome to “Best DJ Software 2019”.

Fortunately for the DJs out there, the market for DJ software, like controllers, is full of options for everyone everywhere.

Whether you’re aspiring to become the next big DJ or the occasional hobbyist, there are some important things to consider. 

Serato DJ Pro

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Serato DJ has maintained its reputation for being one of the biggest DJ softwares since the early 2000’s and remains the same today. 

One of the major reasons Serato DJ has maintained this reputation so well is overall reliability. As you can imagine, reliability is an attractive factor to any DJ, but Serato DJ is most helpful to pro club DJs who want to know their software won’t glitch on them mid-show. 

The application also offers a multitude of plug and play options that support a fairly broad range of controllers. 

Aside from the great reliability, low latency, and plug and play options, Serato DJ offers a wide range of other options that you would generally expect from most DJ software these days. A few being: Four deck mixing, effects, sampling capabilities, a multitude of different analysis tools etc. 

Serato currently offers the Serato DJ Pro pack for $129 or $9.99 a month. However you can try the slightly cut down but definitely DJ capable Serato DJ Lite for free before you put money into the pro version.

Traktor Pro

There’s a lot of good things to say about Native Instruments Traktor Pro. You simply can’t ignore the amount of features this software offers.

With Traktors great sample and remix decks, loop recorder, and great effects, Traktor Pro supplies all you need in a great package. 

While the software is amazing in itself, something worth mentioning is its hardware support too. With Native Instruments array of supporting controllers, it makes the software super flexible. 

Rekordbox DJ - Pioneer

Rekordbox DJ came about in 2015 making it a semi new yet well established DJ software. It comes equipped with a four track control system, a looper, beat slicer, and eight sampler options. 

The software works best with Pioneers hardware as it is able to seamlessly integrate with Pioneers club standard CDJs. That said, Rekordbox DJs biggest attraction overall is its cross platform capabilities, making it more flexible and compatible with Pioneers controller lineup. 

You can try out Rekordbox DJ free for 30 days before you decide on what software suits you best. If you find that Rekordbox is best for you, they offer a variety of different purchase options as well as monthly plans. 


Mixx is a free software option for all DJs, however if you’re on a tight budget this may be the way to go. The software features twin decks as well as other handy options such as iTunes integration, loops, hot cues, and four sample decks to choose from. 

Along with integration to over 80 controllers and different vinyl systems, Mixx also offers an Auto DJ option for when you want to kick back. 

Within the last year Mixx has been updated and offers a smoother interface, along with some new effects and other improvements. 

If you’re strapped for cash and need a simple DJ software option, I would recommend giving Mixx a try. Since its a free option, you have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain.

Algoriddim Djay Pro 2

While in the past Algoriddim Djay offered software only for Android and iOS, in the past year they have released Algoriddim Djay Pro 2 for Mac. With its new features and upgraded track prep tools, Algoriddim is more capable than previously.

Algoriddim Djay Pro 2 boasts a new interface, a new media library including iTunes, Spotify, and Finder, as well as a new smart filter for your playlists. 

Djay Pro 2 is available on the App Store for $49.99. After installation, the software is pretty quick to get setup and DJ ready. 

In closing, any of these top DJ software options will get the job done. Some will give you more features than others so take time and think about which one will suit you best, there’s no rush. 

My best advice would be to give the free options a try before moving forward with a paid option, simply to see if the paid options features are worth paying for! You have nothing to lose paying $0 for a free DJ software before spending your hard earned money on a paid one. 

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