Wedding DJ Cost Guide

wedding dj cost

While wedding DJ prices can really vary depending on what you’re looking for in a wedding DJ, there are a few things you can look at to make the best choice and maybe even save a little bit of money. Throughout Wedding DJ Cost Guide we are going to dig into a few important factors in choosing a wedding DJ. 

What do wedding DJ's offer?

A wedding DJ who really knows his craft has the ability to accurately read a crowd and play music that is appropriate in the moment.

Typically the wedding DJ will build up the hype at the reception by starting with slower music and working his way up to a more fast paced beat.

During the reception, your wedding DJ will also serve as your announcer for the night, introducing those who are giving toasts and family dances.

While the majority of people will have a wedding DJ for just the reception, wedding DJ’s also serve as a great option for playing music in the ceremony. 

If you get a quality wedding DJ, he/she will typically provide their own lighting equipment to add to the experience. Thats definitely a question you should ask before booking a wedding DJ.

How much will a wedding DJ cost you?

There are many factors that effect how much your wedding DJ will cost you. A few of which being: the location of your wedding, which services you’re interested in, and the experience level of the DJ.

We all are aware that weddings can be expensive, and depending on what kind of wedding DJ you’re looking for it can be pricey.

The average cost for a wedding DJ in the United States is between $800 and $1,200 for a wedding DJ with midrange experience. However if you’re needing a highly experienced wedding DJ, that cost could go as high as $2,500.

These days couples are tending to spend more on their wedding DJ as there is more focus on the guests experience and making sure everyone has a great time.

When should I book a wedding DJ?

One of the first things you’ll need to book for your wedding is the wedding DJ, simply because it can take time to find the right one for your wedding.

Its a good idea to book your wedding DJ about 6 months in advance you have plenty of time to change things if you need to. 

Whenever you meet with your wedding DJ, you’ll want to discuss things like your playlist, the timeline, and details such as family dances as well as any toasts and/or any pranks!

What's included in the cost of a wedding DJ?

While the price to have a good wedding DJ can seem to be a hefty amount, keep in mind that wedding DJ’s do a lot more than just showing up and playing some music.

These are a few things that are included with a wedding DJ:

  • Equipment: A wedding DJ always supply their own equipment which is usually high-end and quite expensive. So keep in mind that part of the price you’re putting towards the DJ is going towards his/her equipment.
  • Music: Your wedding DJ has to buy their own music which obviously takes time and money! Keep in mind the investment they have to make to provide your beats.
  • Time: Time is going to be the biggest investment your DJ has to make. Your wedding DJ will spend time performing your ceremony and/or reception but will also spend a lot of time preparing a playlist and creating a wedding script. He/she will also have to set up the equipment and tear down after your wedding is coming to an end.
  • Equipment Coverage: The wedding DJ may also have recurring costs for equipment insurances, in case any equipment gets damaged during the festivities.

What equipment will be provided with my wedding DJ?

Depending on your specific needs, your wedding DJ will provide a range of different equipment. 

Your DJ will provide a DJ controller, speakers, microphones and maybe even a large subwoofer. 

Some DJ’s will even have the ability to provide a projector and projector screen, which is a nice touch for the ceremony if you have a slideshow you’d like people to see. 

How can I save money on your wedding entertainment?

If you’re looking to save some money on your wedding entertainment, a wedding DJ can actually help you save money.

  • Hire a DJ: Most of the time DJ’s will cost a lot less than a wedding band so you can save some big bucks.
  • Time of year: Depending on the time of year, some DJ’s will charge more. If you’re wedding is in the off-season you may be able to save a little bit.
  • Consider DJ options: There are different wedding DJ’s in different price ranges, so be sure to do your homework before choosing one.
  • Choose your hours: Naturally, the longer your DJ performs, the more money you will have to shell out. So if there are any ways to shorten your wedding DJ’s required performance time that’ll save some money. 

What should I ask before hiring a wedding DJ?

The biggest thing to consider when choosing a wedding DJ is the personality of the DJ. You’ll want to look for someone who has an already great reputation and has fun while performing.

Most of the time the DJ’s personality will make or break the experience. Heres a few questions you should ask before making your choice:

  • Do you specialize in specific genres?
  • What are some of the most popular dance songs you’ve performed?
  • Do you require any breaks?
  • Is your equipment reliable?
  • Have you performed many weddings before?
  • How you would describe your performance style?
  • What services are included in your fee?


Your wedding DJ sets the tone for so much of your big days vibe and for that reason its important to make the best choice! 

A big advantage of having a great DJ is the fact that he/she helps enforce the events on your big day. A wedding DJ makes it easy to communicate your wedding days events to everyone at once and can help cut down on the time it takes to organize those events.

Your DJ is going to set the mood and can give some great advice as to what makes peoples feet move at a wedding.

We hope this article has helped inform you about how to pick the perfect wedding DJ!

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